RPG Map Builder

Everything you need to build rich RPG encounters in less time.

Snap to Grid

Spend less time carefully aligning assets and start snapping tiles together with ease. Resize and rotate based on the grid size or easily toggle snap-to-grid off.


Stop wasting time trying to find where you placed your assets. Power VTT's advanced layer system allows you to group, clone, hide, and lock layers for seriously powerful map building.


Everyone makes mistakes. Sometimes we make a lot of mistakes. While we can't bring you back to better times we can let you undo/redo everything you modify in Power VTT!

Dynamic Lighting

Add a literal layer of immersion for your players. Power VTT makes it simple, easy, and fun to add Dynamic Lighting to your encounters.

Explore Dynamic Lighting →

Export For Anywhere

Want to use your map outside of Power VTT? Scale, crop, and export your maps as images to use in other tabletops or print at home!

Host Your Encounters Online

Become the ultimate game master with Power VTT. Add weather, create NPCs, move player tokens, live chat, and much more! Experience online →

Superior Support

Power VTT was built with feedback like yours. Check out the official support forums to let us know what you think! Submit, search, and vote on new features or get help.

Extend Your Encounters

Over 20,000+ curated assets by artists you already know and love. Take on your most innovative campaigns in half the time.

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