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What does a subscription get me?

Host TableTop RPGs Online

As a Game Master, you can host up to five (5) games online with a potential unlimited number of PCs and NPCs. Live chat, roll virtual dice, control the weather, and access all online features.

Prioritized Power VTT Support

As a subscriber, you get prioritized feature requests on the forums and the satisfaction of knowing your money is being invested back into the platform.

Latest Updates

As feedback is implemented, we release new features for you to use instantly. We try to ship releases weekly. Never wait months in between releases.

What are the long-term pricing plans?

We plan to offer a variety of monthly/yearly packages that are based on data usage and storage needs. As an early-access subscriber, you will have access to all online features for a set price of $2/month for at least one-year. This price is planned to increase as more features are added. Before any pricing changes, we will give the community ample notice.

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