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NEW! Dynamic Lighting

Let your players explore the dark. Included with every online subscription.

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Real-Time Updates

Does a player want to explore a sewer drain? With the click of a button Power VTT summons the Map Builder so you hide, add, or move layers into position without missing a beat.

Summon Weather

Turn off the lights in the dungeons below. Start a rain storm when a dragon flys overhead. You are in complete control of the elements with a powerful but simple-to-use Weather Engine.

Measure Distances

Need to know how far you can cast your spell? Easy hotkeys allow you to measure between any tiles on the board. Simple, but incredibly useful.

Live Chat

See who's online and get reactions in real-time. Roll RPG standard dice, share your favorite gifs, post links, and more! New features are constantly being planned.

Create & Interact With NPCs

Create complete character sheets for your NPCs compatible with the 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons SRD. Easily move NPCs between areas and around your encounters.

Manage Handouts

Give handouts to players or reveal a handout to the entire party. Simple and easy-to-use hangout management gives you the flexibility to run your game how you like.

Upcoming Features

List and Find Games

Finding the right game can be challenging. What day is everyone available? How often can we play? What's the setting? Find and list games with advanced filtering options in order to find a reliable group of players.

Coming Soon

5e SRD Rule Automation

Roll initiative and saving throws, visualize spell limits and damage radius, compendium definition lookups, and much, much more.

Coming Soon

Connect with Friends

Send messages, instantly share game experiences, buy gifts on the marketplace, share your wishlists, and connect with your friends on Power VTT like never before.

Coming Soon

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